Those who have been in the hobby for a while have definitely heard of the hobbyzone airplanes. They’re probably the most popular rc airplanes out there right now. Hobby zone does a great job at making things easier for beginners. They’re rc planes tend to be very easy to fly. Hobbyzone is one of the best rc airplane brands out there. The most popular rc plane for Hobbyzone would probably be the Hobbyzone Champ.


E-flite just like other plane manufacturers makes all types of planes ranging from sport, scale, ducted fan to sailplains. It’s a very trust worthy and popular brand so don’t limit yourself just for the normal airplanes be sure to check out some of their other stuff.

The most popular E-flite rc airplane would probably be the Apprentice.

FMS Models

An awesome manufacturers of remote control planes FMS creates some of the top planes on the market. They create from any type of rc flyers ranging from warbirds, trainers all the way to civil aircrafts and much more. They’re most popular one is probably the P-51D.

Top Race

An international company. Not only are they in rc airplane area they also involve themselves in other flying remote control toys such as quadcopters and helicopters and UFO’s.

No matter where you are in the world Top Race can reach you. This is why it’s one of the most renowned rc companies out there. They’re most popular rc plane is C185.


A popular rc manafacturer. They specialize in making they’re toys durable. Unlike the others they don’t just limit themselves to sky toys they are also in the cars and trucks niche. Be sure to check out they’re website.

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