Remote Control Puppy Dog

Here at we like to talk about robots too. Today we’ll talk about the Hi Tech Robot dog. Just like its name, Hi-Tech produces products that comprise of high-end technology. This wireless, interactive, remote control robotic puppy is an excellent gift to give on Christmas to your beloved children.

This smart and talented dog is much closer to a real dog than any other robotic pet could be. It can be controlled easily from a long distance and performs lifelike movements and functions.

It is a brilliant cordless robot dog that can be controlled easily from as far as 15 meters. You don’t have to use and take the wired controller with you everywhere.

Like most high-quality robotic pet dogs, this one is also equipped with LED eyes that change not only colors but shapes as well according to a variety of actions and sounds.

It also features multiple interactive modes for offering pure enjoyment. It can crawl, dance, sing, walk, stand, and do much more.

This pet also comes with a study mode to provide children with an electronic learning environment. Under the study mode, kids can learn alphabets that emerge on the eyes of this puppy, allowing children to learn in an enjoyable environment.

Moreover, it is a rechargeable robotic toy dog that comes with a rechargeable battery, allowing the users to save money and protect the environment.

Undoubtedly, it is one of the most intelligent robotic dogs that you’ll ever encounter in your life. It performs excellently, even better than the most expensive robots present in the market.

Its changing LED eyes according to its mood isn’t something unique about it, but the way it exhibits emotions by changing the shape of the eyes will surely amaze you. It is the most lifelike feature you’ll ever witness.


  • Performs various movements.
  • Support rechargeable batteries.
  • LED eyes change shapes to exhibit feelings.


  • It;s deafening, and kids might get annoyed with its voice