Here are all the several different types of rc planes. To find the best rc airplane check out our homepage.

Park Flyers

These airplanes are electric powered planes that you can fly just about anywhere. They are small in size, and most units of such a type come assembled in the box. These kinds of units are incredibly affordable and extremely durable. If you wish to learn about planes and how to fly them, then park flyers are the perfect option to begin with. However, learning through this small unit means that you will be needing some spare parts, especially several sets of wings.

Nevertheless, park flyers are not just designed for newbies. You can also find a huge variety of such planes that contain ultra-fast wings and as a result, they can only be controlled by an expert. An advantage of this type of plane is convenience; you can fly it about everywhere. You do not have to stand in a flying field to do so.

Trainer Airplanes

As the name suggests, this type of planes is particularly engineered for beginners who are serious about getting learning to fly. These aircrafts are larger than park flyers and mostly made from balsa wood. Trainers are powered by either a nitro-powered engine or an electric motor, which means that this type should not be considered a toy. While beginning to fly this unit, it is recommended that one should be under the guidance of an experienced pilot. This type of unit is available as ARF, kits, and RTF.

Sport Airplanes

Sport airplanes are a very challenging type of plane that most people opt for once they are fully trained. This kind of aircraft allows the pilot to perform some serious aerobatics in the air, making gliding a lot more fun. Most are low-wing airplanes that can do almost all aerobatic movements. Most airplanes have the capability to run on an electric motor or an engine. You can also find some stable units that require only a small step up from the trainer and some unstable planes that are tricky to use as they are capable of performing some complex stunts.

Micro RC Airplanes

If you want one that can be easily flown inside warehouses or gymnasiums, then micro RC is a great option. You can fly these airplanes all year round because the flight will not be affected by weather conditions as they are designed for indoor use. Micro RC planes require receivers, specially engineered tiny servos, and batteries for flying.

Scale RC Airplanes

These rc planes look exactly like a full-scale aircraft as they are small replicas of the original models. If you love having an RC airplane that has the appearance of your favorite plane, then you should surely look into the scale RC type. The manufacturers replicate almost every detail, no matter how negligible it is, and create a plane that looks just like its full-scale counterpart. You can’t really tell if the plane is real or an RC toy from a distance.

Jet RC Airplanes

Who doesn’t love a jet aircraft? They are an incredibly impressive unit that makes the flying experience adventurous. The jet RC airplanes usually possess a super-fast speed, so beginners might not be able to fly them without skills and experience. However, if you honestly want to fly an RC jet plane, then you should better begin with an electric-powered ducted fan jet. Once you get a hold of its functioning, gradually work your way up to the most powerful and speediest one.